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Normative stakeholder theory in relation
to ethics of care
Ilke Oruc and Muammer Sarikaya
Purpose – This study aims at presenting a normative approach in adaptation of the ethics of care
approach and stakeholder theory. Therefore, it seeks to present a point-of-view regarding the related
Design/methodology/approach – The study focuses on a theory-based integration process, since it is
designed on a normative basis and the current studies dealing with ‘‘ethic of care theory’’ still have some
problems in practical terms.
Findings – It is observed that ethics of care and stakeholder theory are getting more and more
interrelated due to established networks and available common points. As a subfield of feminist ethic,
ethics of care can be used to clarify moral principles lying behind these relationships. Fromanother point
of view, the discussion regarding the feminization of business enterprises focuses on the idea that such
discussions involving the principles lying behind feminist ethics can provide an advantage for the
companies in terms of competition. In addition, ethics of care is expected to contribute to stakeholder
theory to a great extent.
Research limitations/implications – The related literature includes a rather limited number of studies
conducted on this research topic. The available research explains some relationships on a normative
basis. Therefore, the current study is expected to contribute to the expansion of such research in the
Practical implications – Despite the presence of studies in the field, there is still a limitation in putting
the findings of studies into practice. Since the country where the current study is conducted still suffers
from ambiguities regarding the definitions of concepts and it is very difficult to find business enterprises
appreciating feminist values, although they are taught to adopt philanthropy applications, the study is
limited to a normative point-of-view regarding the issues.
Originality/value – The scope of the study is expected to contribute to a great extent to the integration
of feminist ethic and stakeholder theory. Similarly, it will encourage further studies on the issue.
Keywords Stakeholder theory, Stakeholders, Normative stakeholder theory, Feminism, Ethics of care
Paper type Conceptual paper

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